Positivity runs through school


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Positivity runs through school

Jarl Devereax has been teaching for a year at OneSchool after starting his career as an environmental scientist where he designed and constructed specialised equipment for scientific studies.

This is his third year teaching and he has some definitive opinions about his short time at Agnew’s Darling Downs campus where he is a teacher in the IT department.

“My favourite part of working at OneSchool is the positivity that runs through the staff and community,” he says. “The directors and school leaders are supportive and there is a great culture of trying to continually improve to benefit the students. This is also clear on staff development days were everyone works together sharing ideas across faculties.  Also, teaching at OneSchool feels like you’re a part of a much broader community and organisation. This is in contrast to my experience of state schools where each school works as an independent unit.”

Jarl has yet to experience teaching via the virtual classroom but is getting ready to the teach using the medium.

“I’m looking forward to teaching senior graphics via VC,” he says. “The technology the school has is excellent and it is exciting to apply it to senior graphics where hand sketching still plays a large role alongside digital design software. Leveraging the technology to share sketching techniques using document viewers will allow me to share sketching tips with the students in a more natural medium rather than using a white board and allow the students from other campuses to share their work also. There is also a fantastic opportunity using VC to increase collaboration between students. By connecting different campuses it will allow the students to share views and understanding with a larger group than a small satellite campus usually allow.”

Again, compared to the public sector he has found the students and parents much more focused on schooling in general.

“The students all seem to want to do their best,” he says. “When working on assessment tasks they work diligently at school and at home to get the work complete. Parents have been very supportive at the Darling Downs campus. It is clear that the parents are interested in their students learning and are active in supporting their learning. The parents are also active in seeking feedback on their students’ progress, and identifying where improvements can be made.”

Being an IT buff, Jarl is also pleased at how the whole community has adapted to new technologies that have been introduced to the school

“It has been interesting to see how rapidly the students and community have adapted to the VC communications equipment,” he said. “In clas,s the students have been very quick to adapt to digital literacy and technology. Since I also teach industrial technology and design I see there could be value in introducing students to automation in manufacturing. Students are already experiencing these technologies at their work placements and home, so it I see it could be beneficial to introduce them at school.”