Agnew School follows the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and Independent School Queensland (ISQ) Curriculum Guidelines. Generally, our students complete their early primary years in a government primary school, then begin Agnew in Year 3 where they are taught in the six Key Learning Areas as defined by the QCAA.

In Agnew Primary schools, much resource is committed to determining what ability a student has, given that they have come from a diverse range of schools prior to Agnew School. This assessment process is used to plan the next teaching and learning steps, whether it may be learning assistance or providing for students that are able to assess the program at a more advanced level. Students are regularly assessed and tracked using national literacy and numeracy standards, ensuring ongoing support and development through differentiated programs.

Our classes are small and of mixed ability therefore the movement in teaching practice from teacher directed to teacher as facilitator/guide fits well with our school structurally and with our goal for developing self-directed learners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values for lifelong learning.