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Self-directed learning

• a variety of learning spaces
• small glassed-off areas for small group and one-on-one tuition and for student conferences with off-site teachers
• other areas for a variety of learning and working opportunities
• the teacher work-room, so that students can access teacher assistance with their assignments and the teachers can model working patterns

‘Learning to Learn’ Centre

Far from being just another classroom, a successful learning centre must be well planned to incorporate many elements that support the learning and the learning environment in a welcoming work area. While these centres will need to be designed with the needs and limitations of specific campuses in mind.

Agnew Charity

Through a wide range of fundraising activities, we advance rescue services, science, technology and the humanities in Australia. Those benefiting include students, educators, researchers, scientists, technologists and the general public.

Teach at Agnew

The use of up-to-date video conferencing equipment for campus-to-campus communication and specialist subject teaching was introduced in 2006 and has been a great success in broadening the subject range for senior students as well as in making best use of our human and material resources nationwide

  • What our teachers are saying: Excellent facilities provided for teaching and with highly committed kids to teach - K.L.
  • What our teachers are saying: Oh my goodness we are so fortunate with our facilities. - J.C.
  • What our teachers are saying: Huge opportunity for collaboration with colleagues from all around New Zealand. - J.G.
  • What our teachers are saying: Amazing inspirational, motivated and creative team to be a part of! - S.P.
Performance Campus Innovation Suggestions